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Invited Talks

Skoe E (2015)  Auditory system development and language outcomes:  Insights from poor readers. Haskins Laboratories. New Haven, CT.

Skoe E (2014) Panel respondent to Stephen Krashen’s KeyNote Talk.  Let Teachers Talk Two.  Math LEAD Bilingual Education Conference. Storrs, CT.

Skoe E (2014) Nourishing the brain through sound.  CLAS College Experience. Storrs, CT.

Skoe E (2013)  Audiology for Tomorrow:  International Conference on Advances in Audiology.  Hong Kong, China.

Skoe E (2013) The sensory-cognitive bridge.  The Hong Kong Institute of Teaching.

Skoe E (2013) Tuning and retuning the auditory brainstem. Hong Kong University.

Skoe E, Kraus N (2013) Stability and plasticity in the auditory brainstem:   From life-long experiences to short-term learning. Ohio Speech-Language-Hearing Association Conference. Columbus, Ohio. 

Skoe E (2012) Auditory brainstem development:  Redefining what it means to be “adult-like”. University of Washington. Seattle, Washington.

Skoe E (2012) How our past shapes our present:  Evidence from auditory neural processing & learning. Callier Center, University of Texas. Dallas, Texas.

Skoe E, Kraus N (2011) Objective neural indices of auditory function: Implications for reading and listening in noise. University of Arkansas. Little Rock, Arkansas.

Skoe E, Kraus N (2010) Auditory brainstem responses to speech. University of Washington. Seattle, Washington.

Skoe E, Kraus N (2010) Dynamic brainstem: Impact on auditory processing. Washington Society for Audiology.  Issaquah, Washington.

Skoe E, Kraus, N (2010) Music Workshop:  Collaboration between Sound Research (BRAMS), and the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music, Media, and Technology (CIRMMT).  Montreal, Canada.

Skoe E, Krizman J (2009) BioMARK: Biological marker of auditory processing. Rush University. Chicago, Illinois.

Skoe E (2009) Brainstem responses to complex sounds. Washington University. St. Louis, Missouri.

Skoe E, Kraus, N (2009). The dynamic brainstem.  Pennsylvania Academy of Audiology Convention. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Skoe E, Kraus N (2008)  Training-induced malleability in neural encoding of pitch, timbre and timing: implications for language and music.  AG Bell Convention.  Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Skoe E, Kraus N (2008) Music, hearing, and learning. IXth International Tinnitus Seminar. Göteborg, Sweden.

Skoe E, Kraus N (2008) Cochlear implants and music. Round table on cochlear implants in children – habilitation and surgical considerations, IXth International Tinnitus Seminar. Göteborg, Sweden.